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VSC Aircraft

VSC operates the following aircraft

The MI-8 HIP is a multi-role transport helicopter capable of carrying troops or supplies as well as conducting armed attacks with rockets and guns.

The Mi-24 HIND is the first helicopter to enter service with the Russian Air Force as an assault transport and gunship, and was developed using the Mi-8's propulsion system.

The Bell UH-1 series Iroquois is a medium helicopter and is better known as the "Huey".

Current versions are based on the successful Hughes (McDonnell Douglas) MD-500/MD-530 series helicopters.


The AN-2 COLT provides combat support and combat service support to include reconnaissance, airborne re-supply as well as airborne insertion of detachments.

The Raytheon King Air B350 is the latest variant of the King Air series and is a versatile, reliable, rugged, 9 passinger/utility aircraft.

The P-750 XSTOL is a 10-seater aircraft with a unique capacity for extremely short take-offs and landings.