Company Overview

Vertol Systems Company, Inc. (VSC) was formed in 1996, and is based in Hillsboro, Oregon. Since incorporation, VSC has provided customers with specialized helicopter and aircraft solutions specific to those organization's unique requirements. 

VSC's capability is a product of evolutionary process. The lessons learned from past operations and events, as well as the requirements of current operations have brought about a unique organization with distinctive characteristics, advantages and capabilities. 


VSC presents a dynamic proven ability, that guarantees success for our customers aviation requirements. 

Unique Qualifications 

VSC is the only civil company currently operating Russian helicopters in the United States.

V E R T O L   S Y S T E M S   C O M P A N Y,   I N C.
PO BOX 727 . Destin, FL 32540 . Phone: 503.590.8532.
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